Paying one’s Health Expenses with Medicare Supplement Plans

A person is not healthy always. They might at one point of time having some health issue or be sick. All these leads to a visit to a hospital which means health and medical bills. This is when one thinks of applying for Medicare supplement plans. However, these plans are applicable to anyone who is 65 years or more and to anyone younger than 65 who is disabled or have a sickness. These plans are actually insurance policies which supplement one’s medical expenses. However they are provided only by private insurance companies and can be acquired from any insurance office that is licensed to sell them.

What are included and excluded in the 2019 Medicare supplement plans, besides saving money?

When a couple have Medicare supplement plans, they are insured and can be stress free that their medical expenses are paid by the insurance. While applying for Medicare supplement plans, they are offered with various plans and policies to choose from. They can choose the one that suits them and enjoy its benefits. Medicare supplement plans cover the following payments:

  • Part A comprises of the hospital insurance which covers inpatient care
  • Part B contains medical insurance for doctor’s service and outpatient care
  • Part C is Part A plus Part B and any additional benefits.
  • Part D comprises the optional drug cost
  • Last but not the least there is the out of pocket cost which cover coinsurance, copayments and deductibles.

supplement plans 2019

Thus Medicare supplement plans cover up all of the above costs except for long term care problems like dental issues, eyes problem, deaf aid device and private nursing service. Also, one has to note that these plans don’t include prescription drug costs and plans.

Features of Medicare supplement plans

If a person wants to enjoy the service of Medicare supplement plans, then he must already have Part A or B of the original Medicare. One special feature is that medigap policy should be defined as Medicare supplement insurance plan. Moreover, these plans are for only one person and his or her spouse has to apply separately. A person can apply for Medicare supplement plans from any authorized insurance company.

The Medicare supplement plans are life long, provided the individual pays his premium regularly. A person having a Medicare medical savings account is not eligible to buy this plan. If a person is not sure on what plan to choose he can always enlist the help of a licensed insurance company to help him choose a plan that suits him.

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